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Depending on the  type of packaging for which one is using the adhesive tape, it is necessary to choose between several different adhesive tapes which differ  in support, adhesive coating and thickness.

One of the most common types of supports and adhesive coatings is polypropylene. It comes with acrylic coating, it is a noiseless tape during unwinding, easy to cut and resistant to mechanical stress. It can be coloured or customized with prints. Irplast’s most popular polypropylene tape is POLY+. Find out more information and all its features by clicking on the following link:

Polypropylene adhesive tapes

Nowadays, more and more qualities are sought-after in an adhesive tape due on the one hand to the automation of production processes and the use of automated taping machines and on the other, because packaging and storage need to be customized with prints, now also possible directly on the adhesive tapes which are printable.

The automated taping machines put the adhesive tapes under considerable and consistent mechanical stress,  it is therefore necessary for the tape to have a support that provides adequate resistance. Today,  the adhesive tape is no longer a mere functional tool for the logistics; it is also a means of communication.

Irplast boasts the best technologies for manufacturing adhesive tapes, enabling the market  to use adhesive tape as a promotional vehicle and also transform  it into an identification and traceability instrument. All this is made possible by the wide range printing possibilities of the tape.

Ecological adhesive tapes

A growing orientation towards innovation has led Irplast to develop Airtape™, an innovative polypropylene adhesive tape. Airtape™ is the one and only ecological adhesive tape on the market characterized by a thickness of only 19 µm without changing the typical mechanical properties of classic tapes.

Its reduced thickness produces significant longer rolls and, consequently, requires reduced storage space allowing to dispatch a larger amount of tape with the same weight and volume, and also requires fewer roll changes during the production process.

Airtape™ is the latest ecological adhesive tape that reduces the environmental impact and the emission of CO2 during manufacturing.