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  • Photo quality print
  • Recommended for carton sealing machines
  • Available in neutral version
  • Reverse printing technology: up to 10 colours
  • Low temperature storage
  • Suitable for all type of carton box surfaces
  • Ultra thin (19μm) = ecological
  • Yield + 30% per roll
  • BOPP backing film
  • Acrylic adhesive
  • Recycled paper inner cores*

* The inner cores we purchase are made up of 99% recycled paper and 1% virgin fiber to use for and guarantee direct food contact.

Ideal for multi-sector packaging, it offers several advantages:

  • Ecological: 100% BOPP film recyclable, lower CO₂ emission, thanks to the reduction of raw materials and higher amount of tape transported with the same weight and volume;
  • Cost saving : lower storage space, lower transport costs, reduction of eco-tax cost;
  • High performing: optimal adhesion and grip on carton boxes, UV-ray resistant, low noise unwinding for application with hand dispensers; easy unwinding for automatic applications on carton sealing machines;
  • Efficient: Longer rolls at equivalent weight and diameter – Fewer changes and reduced storage space;
  • Secure: Difficult to remove from cartons.
  • Guaranteed length.
Airtape+ is the latest generation adhesive tape characterized by a thickness of only 19 μm (market standard 25-28 μm).