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The BOPP division of Irplast S.p.A. (formerly known as BIMO) focuses on specialty film for cigarette packs, labels and barrier packaging applications with converters and key end-users.
Our competitive advantage is given by: A) our unique Stilansol® technology by which we are able to manufacture simultaneous oriented polypropylene films; B) our vertical integration as converter by which we gained R&D expertise in pre adhesive coated linerless technologies for primary packaging and Converting of primary labels and printed tapes.

The BOPP film division started business in 1988 as Bimo S.p.A., an Italian company belonging to the Irplast Group, in the industrial area of Atessa in the province of Chieti in southern Italy.
Today the BOPP film division operates two production sites in that area, 30km south of Pescara (PE).

Factory space : 100,000 sqm (40,000 indoor)
Production sector: BOPP film
Product utilization sectors : food, beverages, detergents and tobacco. Total installed capacity: 44,000 tonnes/year of BOPP film.

BOPP FILM division operates 3 BOPP production lines – two of which use the traditional two-step sequential stretching technology known as TENTER, while the third one use an innovative, flexible and  revolutionary technology Lisim® known as SOL, which is allowing the company to pioneer and innovate in the design and production of numerous BOPP films in terms of  innovative features, performance and composition.

This division has been able to create unique expertise on the SOL line for the production of films which are perfectly adaptable to high speed packaging lines, and this explains why a growing number of the world’s largest and most prestigious multinational companies have chosen BIMO as their main reference supplier, guaranteeing themselves access to significant competitive advantages offered by not just the films, but also the ad-hoc business unit structure put in place to satisfy all their needs in terms of service and supply.

The development of new films and new applications are normally done in close cooperation with our customers, with the support of raw material suppliers worldwide and specialized laboratories and research institutes.

On-site technical assistance for our customers, on the other hand, is rigorously supplied by our in-house experts with proven experience who take responsibility for ensuring post-sales customer satisfaction. Our vertical integration with IRPLAST offers unique opportunities for rapid and targeted R&D initiatives on films, thanks to the possibility to immediately test the conversion and application performance of the new products.

Of particular interest are the films developed for high-speed wrapping of cigarettes packs, those intended for food products which require barrier and shelf-life guarantees, and those designed for a range of wrap-around label applications. The key common ground for these varied specializations is the ability and know-how developed in the BOPP division of Irplast to create and control such delicate parameters as shrinkage, low and constant coefficient of friction, reliable low temperature sealing, and exceptional and constant mechanical properties in ultra-high speed automatic packing lines.

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