Irplast is an established producer of biaxially oriented polypropylene films (BOPP), some of which are converted internally for roll-fed wrap-around labels (for the food, beverage, dairy, personal & home care markets), for printed adhesive tapes and multipack solutions. In 2020, the Company became the first in Europe to produce on a largescale bio-based films from certified renewable feedstocks (NOPP – Natural Oriented PolyProylene). Irplast has also started production of PCW-based polypropylene films (LOOPP) by partially replacing fossil-fuel based resins with feedstocks from chemical recycling using the “mass balance” principle. Produced in collaboration with SABIC®, in an ISCC PLUS certified supply chain (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification), NOPP films have been certified as carbon neutral.

The Company has developed a unique know-how in the design and production of innovative and customized BOPP films. First in Europe to engineer and install a simultaneous stretching Bruckner-LISIM line for the production of BOPP films for flexible packaging, nowadays Irplast delivers on very serious commitments to innovation and sustainability, by focusing on:

  • Developing eco-friendly products by using bio-based polymers and post-industrial recycled material
  • Reducing packaging weight and thickness
  • Reducing CO2 emissions by developing packaging solutions designed to use less raw materials
  • Energy co-generation and production waste management to reduce the GHG emissions of both production and products.

IRPLAST S.p.A. is a vertically integrated producer, from film production to printed finished products, with a business model focusing on sustainability. The Company’s approach to sustainability relies on four pillars: RENEWABLE, RECYCLE, REDUCE and REUSE. They represent guidelines for the implementation of new product solutions.


Using raw materials from renewable sources (tall-oil) or from chemically recycled post-consumer waste (by pyrolysis) allows IRPLAST to reduce CO2 emissions, reduce fossil fuel consumption, and make a valuable contribution to kick-starting the circular economy for plastic usage (NOPP and LOOPP films).


  • IRPLAST mainly focuses on BOPP film production, which is a “100% designed for recycling” material
  • IRPLAST develops eco-friendly products by using post-industrial recycled BOPP film. (e.g ECO+ tape)
  • IRPLAST produces (BOPP) labels with specific density below that of PET bottles: this makes bottle and label separation easier in the waste recovery stream. When combined with shrinkable film and pre-applied adhesives, these labels become an eco-friendly alternative to PET-G shrink-sleeves (e.g. Shrinkable BOPP Labels)
  • IRPLAST uses special anti-bleeding inks and wash-off adhesives to avoid R-pet contamination, contributing to higher value and recovery rates for the recycled material
  • IRPLAST manufactures a range of 100% recyclable BOPP films for mono-material packaging, designed to greatly facilitate recycling when compared with multi-material packaging (e.g. BOPP film MoMa pouches, Pre-glued Shrinkable BOPP Labels).


  • IRPLAST manages its own energy needs with modern co-generation plants
  • IRPLAST reduces fossil fuel consumption with alternative feedstocks (e.g. NOPP E LOOPP)
  • IRPLAST reduces CO2 emissions by producing special products containing as much as 34% of post-industrial recycled BOPP film (e.g. ECO+)
  • IRPLAST reduces packaging thickness, cutting transport and logistic costs (e.g. AIRTAPE+, LZI)
  • IRPLAST simplifies multi-layer, multi-material packaging (e.g. film trays) with cheaper and simpler eco-friendly solutions (e.g. Food Contact Tape, Multipack, BOPP film MoMa pouches).


Thanks to special adhesives and to proprietary know-how, IRPLAST produces pre-glued labels for returnable PET bottles (e.g. ECORELABEL project).

380 people are employed in the three manufacturing sites, all based in Italy. In Empoli (Florence), the factory has a production capacity of over 500 million square meters, while the two film manufacturing sites in Atessa (Chieti) have a total installed capacity for 44,000 tonnes of BOPP film. In 2021 the company generated a turnover of EUR 110 million. 75% of total output is exported to 68 countries worldwide.

Beverage (Pre-glued Shrinkable labels, Label Tape, Take Away®/Multipack, Micron19, Wrap-around roll-fed labels, Sleeve)

Dairy (Pre-glued Shrinkable labels, Pre-glued labels, Take Away®/Multipack)

Personal & home care (Take Away®/Multipack, Shrinks Sleeve e Pre-glued Shrinkable labels)

Food & Tissue (Open&Close, Food Contact Tape, Fingerlift, Linerless Adhesive Labels, Closure strip tape, Linerless labels, Block tape)

Building (Removable tapes, Construction tapes)

Carton box sealing (Airtape+, Poly+, Extraglue+, Tack+, Acrylic adhesive tapes, Hot melt adhesive tapes, Closure strip tape, Linerless Labels, Fingerlift tape (easy open), BOPP Tamper Evident tape, Perforated tape, Removable tapes

Mailing (S-BOPP Window envelopes films, Pouch tape)

Flexible packaging (Tobacco packaging overwrapping films, NOPP and LOOPP range films, MoMa pouch)

Specialty/Custom Applications (Peelable films, Floor tape, Barrier Tapes)