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Film for cigarettes hard pack overwrapping high shrinkable and both sides sealable

LTX/V16: Irplast’s high performance film that lowers unit costs.
Ideally designed for overwrapping at very high speeds.

LTX/V 16 is the name of the special Irplast’s BOPP film with high balanced shrinkage properties, which with a mere 16 micron thickness is now widely replacing industry standard 20 micron equivalents, delivering tangible material savings along with efficiency and perfect wrapping on modern high-speed cigarette packaging lines.

It is produced by the BOPP film division of IRPLAST, already a well-known and leading producer for the tobacco sector in Europe and further afield. Thanks to many years of consolidated experience in developing simultaneously oriented polypropylene films for the cigarette packaging market, LTX/V 16 permits users to reduce the thickness and unit weight of the BOPP film used on each pack with the characteristic ease of use typical of the Bruckner LISIM technology, with balanced mechanical stretch properties so difficult to achieve in other processes. The film performs ideally on wrapping machines from 800 to 1000 packs per minute, where all the benefits of the frictionless stretching process can be reaped fully in terms of the total cost of packaging.

Cigarette producers quickly appreciate the new level of performance in terms of uptime running speed, reduced downtime and waste, and improved visual quality assessments of the finished packs.

About IRPLAST BOPP production.
Formerly known as BIMO, the BOPP division of IRPLAST has progressively developed into a pure specialty film manufacturer, vertically integrated with the growing converting platform of IRPLAST for the tape and label market, and supplying a range of bespoke designer films, in thickness which range from 14 to 70 micron, for sophisticated converting and industrial applications all across the globe.