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The new revolutionary adhesive tape suitable for food contact that increases the product shelf-appeal while reducing weight and cost of packaging.

IRPLAST'S FOOD CONTACT TAPEIrplast’s Research and Development Department, in collaboration with the leading producers of inks and adhesives, has developed a unique adhesive tape on the food contact compliance market that respects the organoleptic properties of food. The company is BRC food safety certified.

FOOD CONTACT TAPE is a cost saving adhesive tape to group products (safeguarding all the food’s organoleptic properties) and to convey the company logo with relevant product information, becoming an effective branding tool and replacing traditional packaging (tray and stretch film), reducing  the packaging weight by 15 times. For example, the banana tray and stretch film (about 15 grams) may be replaced by Irplast’s FOOD CONTACT TAPE weighting only 1 gram.

Helping to reduce packaging, logistics, transportation and disposal costs IRPLAST FOOD CONTACT TAPE  can reduce the cost of packaging by 60-70%: it allows 96% savings on the Eco-tax Conai, which means avoiding relapse on the final price of the product and improving the environmental sustainability of the packaging. It also reduces by 80% handling and logistics and also labour costs, as it can also be applied by automatic tapers.

Originally certified to coat and label fruit and vegetable with peel, FOOD CONTACT TAPE has also achieved full fitness for contact with all foods.

Thanks to its specially-developed adhesive, it is a free phthalate/mineral oil product that guarantees an overall migration level below 10 mg/dm² and prevents ink from seeping according to the new European regulation No. 1416/2016 on good manufacture practices for materials and articles intended to come into contact with food.

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