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Innovation has been focused on replacing fossil raw materials with renewable resources and from chemical recycling.

IRPLAST expands labels and adhesive tapes portfolio with ISCC PLUS-Certified Solutions.


Milan, May 4th 2022 – IRPLAST is proud of winning the award “Best Packaging 2022 – Oscar dell’Imballaggio” in the category Ethical Packaging Charter with PREGLUED4CANS, a BOPP roll-fed label, pre-glued by proprietary technology, to decorate aluminium cans, tins, aerosol containers at 360°. The BOPP film can also be ISCC PLUS certified, according to the mass balance approach and obtained from renewable sources (vegetable oils) or from chemically recycled post-consumer waste. The announcement has took place at Ipack-Ima 2022 Exhibition in Milan. The award certifies the validity of the path taken to date by the Company in terms of sustainable innovation.

Compared to paper labels, the application prevents detachment or damage of the label in case of adverse transportation or storage conditions. Preglued4cans enables on demand labelling for special promotions, small batches production, and events so as to reduce the stock of pre-printed empty cans. The solution is also available in shrinkable S-BOPP film for stackable cans, extruded in-house by IRPLAST on simultaneous stretching technology LISIM® production line by Bruckner.

Compared to shrink-sleeve technology, Preglued4cans increases labelling speed. Compared to aluminium printing technology, the process is much easier because of rotogravure or flexo printing technology. The BOPP film is ISCC PLUS certified, according to the mass balance approach and obtained from renewable sources (vegetable oils) or from chemically recycled post-consumer waste. Compared to PET-G which is traditionally used for this application, Preglued4cans BOPP substrate comes with lower density (0.91 g/cm³ Vs 1.38 g/cm³) and thickness (30µm Vs 40µm), which means less plastic into the environment. Preglued4cans uses acrylic, water-based, solvent-free, sector-pre-applied, hot-melt free adhesives and is liner-less.

IRPLAST leading the way to sustainability at Ipack-Ima 2022, the processing & packaging fair held in Milan from 3 to 6 May, delivering on very serious commitments to innovation and sustainability. The environmental agenda of the company started with investments aimed to downgauging film thickness and to reduce packaging material and to improve internal recycling. Today the product range includes ISCC certified films (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification): NOPP films (Natural Oriented PolyPropylene), by replacing fossil fuels in the production of polypropylene resin with bio-based tall oils; LOOPP films (Circular PCW Films), are manufactured with feedstock, from chemically recycled post-consumer waste, using the drop-in mass balance approach.


IRPLAST SpA ( is an established producer of biaxially oriented polypropylene films (BOPP) with a forward-looking focus on innovation. In 2020, the Company became the first in Europe to produce on a large-scale bio-based films ISCC PLUS certified:  NOPP (Natural Oriented Polypropylene from certified renewable feedstocks) and LOOPP, PCW-based polypropylene films, by partially replacing fossil-fuel based resins with feedstocks from chemical recycling using the “mass balance” approach. First in Europe to engineer and install a simultaneous stretching Bruckner-LISIM line, the Company has developed a unique know-how in the design and production of innovative and customized BOPP films focusing on sustainability. All the films in Irplast’s portfolio can now be sourced in their ISCC PLUS certified equivalent version based on the mass balance approach, containing either bio-based renewable sourced resin, or chemically recycled post-consumer waste sourced resin. The identical technical properties of all the films mean that brand owners and packaging suppliers can now use truly sustainable packaging solutions, which are immediately implementable, without having to change packaging appearance or packaging machinery, eliminating any need for investment in machinery or processes. IRPLAST closed the 2021 with a turnover of 110 million euros and expects to close 2022 approaching 140 million euros.