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Label Tech Division catalog

Thanks to Irplast synergies and our vertically integrated business model, we produce special films for roll-fed wrap-around labels, tailored for all customer needs.

The Label Tech Division exploits both rotogravure and flexographic printing technologies as well as the latest generation of cutting systems:

  • Bobst Rotomec 4003 MP, up to 450m/min, 1300mm width, up to 10 colours of which 3 in reverse print.
  • Bobst Rotomec RS4000 rotogravure up to 10 colours backup system.
  • No. 2 flexo Uteco Onyx 808 T130, up to 8 colours, width 1300mm, speed 400m/min.
  • No. 5 flexographic printing machines, up to 8 colours.
  • No. 3 latest generation slitting machines.

Continuous and profitable collaboration with our customers enables Irplast to offer an excellent service based on innovation, respect for the environment, and quality.


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