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  • Excellent graphic quality
  • Excellent glossy effect
  • Available on matt film
  • 10 colours rotogravure printing technology
  • 8 colours HD flexographic printing technology
  • Available with pin codes
  • Reverse printing technology: up to 3 colours
  • Irplast in-house made film
  • Groups together multiple products
  • Easy opening with micro-perforation
  • Eco-friendly
  • Designed in partnership with machines manufacturers
  • Thickness (μm) 40-50

Versatile, flexible, attractive, practical and eco-sustainable: this is an original system that allows the creation of multipack packaging in particular for the food, beverage and detergent sectors.

Multipack is a marketing-oriented solution, functional to group and significantly increase product sales while maintaining the brand image.

It is the ideal vehicle both for promotions and for standard productions as it is applicable to a wide range of sizes and types of packaging: plastic bottles (PET and PE) and containers in poly-laminated (Brick); rigid packaging and soft bags, heat-sealed packages and pouches.



The self-adhesive multipack bundle is made of 100% mono-material BOPP, completely recyclable, customizable according to the physical and dimensional characteristics of the packages, allowing you to group up to 6 units.

This grouping system is perfectly in line with current international trends for packaging and regulations on reducing environmental impact, oriented to facilitate the implementation of eco-friendly solutions:

  • water-based adhesives are applied to the polypropylene base without any solvents customized according to the required application, they can be coated on the whole surface or with adhesive free-zones, vertical or horizontal, to facilitate the opening (easy-opening).
  • this technology allows a significant reduction of the material that translates into the double advantage of containing overpacking and saving costs
  • the band is removed without damaging the package or its label and without leaving adhesive residue
  • it is easy to carry thanks to the possibility of applying a convenient handle
  • the optical characteristics of the polypropylene support and the internal printing increase the brightness of the colors, protecting it from scratches, with the end result of an even better visual impact in the store.