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  • Excellent graphic quality
  • Excellent glossy effect
  • Available on matt film
  • 10 colours rotogravure printing technology
  • 8 colours HD flexographic printing technology
  • Available with pin codes
  • Reverse printing technology: up to 3 colours
  • Irplast in-house made film
  • Groups together multiple products
  • Easy opening with micro-perforation
  • Eco-friendly
  • Designed in partnership with machines manufacturers
  • Thickness (μm) 40-50

Versatile, flexible, attractive, functional, environmental friendly and competitive it is an innovative system for multipacks. Its function is to increase exposure of your brand by allowing an enlargement of the vending lot, while maintaining brand integrity.
It is versatile, flexible and efficient for a wide range of formats and shapes. It’s ideal for promotions and industrial scale production for: plastic bottles (PET and PE) and multi-layer laminates (brik); rigid and flexible packaging, boxes and cases.

Multipack system is customized according to the product’s physical characteristics and overall dimensions, and can bundle up to 6 units at a time.

Complies with all international regulations for reducing packaging impact:

  • BOPP base material coated with solvent-less adhesive
  • When compared to traditional solutions, it drastically reduces the quantity of packaging required to achieve the same performance and is cheaper on a “per unit” basis
  • Easy to remove, it does not damage or leave adhesive residuals
  • Easy to handle (even easier if you apply a handle)

Reverse printing and BOPP’s properties give a glossy look and enhance colours improving consumer’s perception.