You are currently viewing NSTK: the first “NON STICKING” uncoated film for cigarette bundle wrapping.

NSTK: the first “NON STICKING” uncoated film for cigarette bundle wrapping.

NSTK is launched from the R&D efforts of BIMO, the BOPP division of IRPLAST S.P.A: the first “NON STICKING” uncoated film for cigarette bundle wrapping. As from today the film is available on all international markets. Excellent performance for all high-speed bundle-wrapping machines.

The new product is an un-coated polypropylene film designed to wrap, at maximum machine productivity levels, blocks of 10 cigarette packs, without any risk of interaction with the film wrapping each single pack. A patent request has been deposited with the European Patent Office, and the product is now available for sale worldwide.

Cost-efficient, easy-to-use, guaranteed sealed product and adaptability to all manufacturing situations: these are the four key benefits which make this new film from the BIMO division of Irplast a high added-value product for cigarette manufacturers.

NSTK represents a radical change compared to market alternatives today: it delivers considerable economic advantages compared to traditional acrylic-coated films and compared to uncoated films available today, due to the easy high-speed usage and the elimination of downtime and waste risks.

It’s easy to use, thanks to the extra-wide sealing temperature window and the in-built shrinkage which guarantees a compact block of 10 packs. It gives security and peace of mind in the supply chain because of the strong seal which is also easy to open at destination. It’s adaptable due to its proven versatility on all makes and speeds of carton overwrapping machines. NSTK film responds to the key necessity to eliminate all hint of sticking between the outer wrapping film and any type of wrapping film used for the single cigarette packs. Thanks to its formulation and special mechanical properties it guarantees better machine performance because it doesn’t require special temperature settings to avoid any sticking to the packs inside. And this productivity difference is even more evident on the latest generation ultra-high speed lines, thanks to easy unwinding and sure dead-fold properties which protect against unwanted machine stoppages.

This new NSTK film – which is now fully integrated in BIMO’s special catalogue of films for cigarette overwrapping – has been entirely developed in-house by the Irplast R&D department, designed and manufactured on the unique LISIM simultaneous stretching line from Brückner, and tested with the cooperation of key customers anxious to find a high-performance non-sticking overwrap film without the added costs of acrylic coating.