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  • Photo quality print
  • Solvent free
  • Available in neutral version
  • Reverse printing technology: up to 10 colours
  • Low temperature storage
  • Easy unwinding
  • Increases packaging value
  • BOPP backing
  • Thickness (μm) 40-50
  • Recycled paper inner cores*

* The inner cores we purchase are made up of 99% recycled paper and 1% virgin fiber to use for and guarantee direct food contact.

BOPP transparent 50μm thickness film coated with water based solvent free acrylic adhesive, suitable for easy tear-off labels, removable without damaging the package.
It has been developed to obtain linerless labels for open-close function on tissue packs. Available in neutral version or with reverse printing technology up to 10 colours.

An effective cost saving solution in comparison with self-adhesive traditional labels,  given by  the absence of liner ends or backing papers (which means that the label surface is fully usable). Also it reduces the downtime because of the higher length of the reel and the less weight of the product if compared with traditional labels, which means a substantial saving in transport and storage costs.

Total absence of waste to be disposed.