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Print Tape Division catalogue

Irplast’s printed tape is produced with bi-oriented polypropylene film and water-based acrylic or hot melt adhesive. Film thickness from 19 to 50 μm. Flexographic print up to 8 colours and rotogravure print up to 10 colours.

Irplast technology allows to obtain an excellent quality of high definition printing, both positive and negative, between the film and the adhesive mass (reverse printing ).
The reverse method protects the printed colours and logos from abrasion and aging due to the use of the tape and ensures to it a longer life. Reproduction with guaranteed legibility of each type of coding (EAN, UPC, ITF14 ETC).

The high quality printing allows you to use Irplast’s customized adhesive tapes also as advertising media, branding, promotion and packaging coding.

Possibility of printing with gold and silver inks, in order to enhance packaging, highlight logos, high quality product lines, or to give an original touch.

Coloured tapes are also available to ensure high coverage colour and brightness, made with floodcoated printed reverse.

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