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Printable adhesive tape

The various types of adhesive tape differentiate from one another  depending on the mechanical properties, the support and the adhesive coating. The material used for the support is a discriminating factor in choosing  the most suitable adhesive tape to satisfy the requirements.

The tape is usually made up of a support and a pressure sensitive adhesive coating .The latter is usually applied on just one side of the support and this allows its application using just a light mechanical pressure.

Adhesive tape can be applied manually or by using both automated or manual application dispensers.

There are various types of adhesive tape standing out from one another  due to their different  physical and mechanical features. For instance, the application of the glue to one side or both sides of the support, creates two different types of adhesive tape: the one-sided and the double-sided. In both cases, the adhesive coating has been specifically studied to be applied with  little pressure under standard temperature and pressure conditions.

Types of support for adhesive tape

The support  is a crucial factor in choosing which adhesive tape to use in view of its function. It influences directly the resistance to mechanical stress and the adhesive tape features, such as the colour. In the case of printed adhesive tape, the support must be suitable for printing.

The supports for adhesive tapes can be plastic and thus we talk of polypropylene, polyethylene and polyester or they can be paper.

Irplast produces a bi-oriented polypropylene tape (BOPP) with excellent features. Its name is POLY+ and it is suitable for all types of surface and situations.

POLY+TM, is an alternative to PCV tapes, it’s an ecological adhesive tape made of a special matt BOPP film (35 μm) and a no noise acrylic adhesive. A peculiarity of this tape is the low unwinding noise. POLY+ TM is particularly suitable for sealing cardboard boxes, but its great versatility makes it suitable for all kinds of applications.

POLY+TM Ecological polypropylene adhesive tape features

POLY + TM is a tape of an increased weight (24g/mq). It has a high density level and an excellent tack. It is solvent-free, great ageing and highly resistant to UV rays.

It is matt  looking, like “synthetic paper”, and has an “easy tear” feature. It enables a very good  printing both inside and outside and it is available in different colours, such as beige, white and transparent.

It is therefore an ecological adhesive tape suitable for printing with  excellent mechanical features. It is definitely a one of a kind  product on the market.