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Success for Irplast at Ipack-Ima fair on Drink Technology magazine

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International buyers’ strong participation and great interest in Irplast printed adhesive tape and label range. These are the figures that evidence the positive outcome of Irplast’s participation in Ipack-Ima, from 19 to 23 May: +32% new business contacts established with foreign and Italian visitors. Noteworthy the remarkable success of the guided tour through Expo 2015 halls, promoted by Irplast and reserved to its customers and partners, which confirms the strong bond between the company and the agrifood sector.
Irplast invests 3% of its turnover in R&D activity: to anticipate market requirements, to identify specific segments and look for very innovative solutions, and increasing packaging sustainability, are the assets of the company’s entrepreneurial strategy. Irplast is an Italian industrial group vertically integrated (production of bi-oriented polypropylene film by BIMO subsidiary and printed adhesive tapes and labels by Irplast), operating in Food, Beverage, Tobacco and Toiletries industrial areas. The advantages of integration offers unique opportunities for rapid and targeted R&D initiatives on films, thanks to the possibility to immediately test the conversion and application performance of the new products. Irplast showcase at Ipack-Ima:

on PET silicon backing of 23 μm and with solvent free hot melt adhesive, comes with a double personalization, allowing users to differentiate between the printing of the logo on the back
of the tape (company logo or advertising) and the security message. The release of a security message on the packaging (customizable and/or multilingual) is visible only when trying to remove the tape and allows immediate recognition of tampering attempts. TAMPER EVIDENT 2.0 is the perfect product for responding to recent EU-regulations on air freight.
adhesive tape characterized by a thickness of only 19μm (market standard 25-28 μm). Ideal for multi-sector packaging.
matt finish acrylic adhesive tape, with increased thickness and adhesive weight (35μm, 24g/m2), which guarantees optimum tack and adhesion.

• Pre-Glued Shrink Labels:
heat shrinkable preglued roll fed labels, ideal for containers in PET, HDPE or glass.
the latest polypropylene film generation, only 19 μm thick, ecological, it is able to guarantee high performance.

is an innovative system which makes it possible to realize multi-packs that maintain brand image and are eco-compatible since they allow a notable reduction in secondary packaging.