Empoli plant aerial view (Florence - Italy)
Automated warehouse. Empoli plant (Florence - Italy)
Automated warehouse. Empoli plant (Florence - Italy)
View of the internal courtyard, Empoli HQ (Florence – Italy)
Production department. Automated shuttle. Empoli plant (Florence - Italy)
Atessa plant aerial view (Chieti - Southern Italy)
Silos for raw material stock. Atessa plant (Chieti - Southern Italy)

Irplast S.p.A. is the first manufacturer of simultaneous bi-oriented polypropylene film and one of the major European leaders in the production of:

Irplast’s business model – focused on the vertical integration of its production process, from the film extrusion to the printing process –optimizes both the processing time and accomplishment of application solutions. Compared to traditional converters, Irplast has a competitive advantage: thanks to the synergy between its two Development and Research Departments, it is able to offer customers the possibility to design a film with special features and test its performance in-house. The monitoring process of the extrusion and subsequently the printing phase enables Irplast to have top quality products as well as excellent production processes. Introducing innovation and fostering synergies and new operational procedures, optimizing both lead times and costs. The complete control over the procurement of the raw materials guarantees secure and continual supplies.

Irplast boasts of a long consolidated experience particularly in complex international projects and relies on a highly specialized team of technicians with an excellent know-how in design, implementation, and on-site assistance. The company has 350 employees, distributed in 3 fully automated production sites in Italy: one in Empoli (Florence), with a production capacity of over 350 million smq, and two in Atessa (Chieti), with an overall production capacity of 44,000 tons of BOPP film/year.

Irplast’s turnover in 2016 was of 91.4 million Euros. 50% of the turnover was achieved by the Business Unit BIMO, the polypropylene film production division, whereas the remaining 50% was made by the LABEL TECH business unit (roll-fed labels and multipack solutions) and PRINT TAPE (printed adhesive tape). 25% of its production is destined for the Italian market whilst the other 75% for the international market.

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