You are currently viewing FOOD CONTACT TAPE the revolutionary adhesive tape suitable for food contact

FOOD CONTACT TAPE the revolutionary adhesive tape suitable for food contact



Empoli, 27th  2017 –  Irplast’s Research and Development Department, in collaboration with the leading producers of inks and adhesives, has developed FOOD CONTACT TAPE, a unique adhesive tape on the food contact compliance market that respects the organoleptic properties of food. The tape – which can be applied manually or with automatic tape machines – allows to group products and to convey the company logo with relevant product information, becoming an effective branding tool. IRPLAST FOOD CONTACT TAPE  is an ideal alternative to straps, elastic bands, trays and transparent wraps, safeguarding all the food’s organoleptic properties and significantly decreasing the quantity of secondary packaging.

Thanks to this innovation you can now group together food product units, increasing your product shelf-appeal by labelling it with your brand image, reducing packaging materials, replacing pre-cut and costly labels with an excellent aesthetic result. Food Contact Tape reduces the cost of packaging by 65%, replaces the traditional packaging, may reduce the packaging weight by 15 times: for example, the banana tray and stretch film (about 15 grams) may be replaced by Irplast’s Food Contact Tape weighting only 1 gram.

Compared to the traditional packaging, Food Contact Tape allows 96% savings on the Eco-tax Conai, which means improving the environmental sustainability of the packaging. It also reduces by 80% handling and logistics and also labour costs, as it can also be applied by automatic tapers.

The production of IRPLAST FOOD CONTACT TAPE is carried out according to the European regulation No 1935/2004 and No 2023/2006 on good manufacture practices for materials and articles intended to come into contact with food. The tape composition is compliant with EU regulation no. 10/2011 and MERCOSUR/GMC/RES N°32/07.

Irplast’s careful consideration for the consumer’s safety is the basis of this project as it brought the company to the adoption of the BRC (British Retail Consortium) standard for the production process of its prevalent packaging tapes.


Irplast is vertically integrated from film extrusion to printing processes. It is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of simultaneous bi-oriented polypropylene film and one of Europe’s leading players in the production and printing of BOPP shrinkable pre-glued roll-fed labels and printed adhesive tapes. With its headquarters in Empoli (Italy), it operates in the International market also with solutions for multi-packaging and shrink sleeves. The company has a consolidated experience in complex international projects and a team of technicians specialized in on-site design, implementation and ongoing support. Irplast has over 360 employees, distributed in 3 fully automated production sites: one in Empoli (Florence), for printing labels and adhesive tapes, with a production capacity of around 450 million sqm, and two in Atessa (Chieti) with an overall production capacity of 44,000 tons of BOPP film/year. The turnover in 2016 was 90 million Euros half generated by BOPP film division, the business unit focused on the production of BOPP specialty films, and the remaining by LABEL TECH division (roll-fed labels and multipack solutions production) and PRINT TAPE division (printed adhesive tapes production). 77% of the production is destined for the international market. (

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