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  • Photo quality print
  • Recommended for carton sealing machines
  • Available in neutral version
  • Reverse printing technology: up to 10 colours
  • Low temperature storage
  • Suitable for all type of carton box surfaces
  • Long-lasting strong adhesion
  • Easy unwinding
  • BOPP backing
  • Thickness (μm) 25-28-32-40-50
  • Recycled paper inner cores*

* The inner cores we purchase are made up of 99% recycled paper and 1% virgin fiber to use for and guarantee direct food contact.

The BOPP adhesive tape hot-melt is solvent free and it is particularly recommended for carton sealing.

  • High adhesion, excellent performances on recycled cartons;
  • Excellent tack;
  • Applied at room temperature, it can be stocked either at high or at low temperatures.

This kind of adhesive, which has an easy and noisy unwinding (due to the release application), can be used for manual application with the dispenser, and it is particularly recommended for automatic application on carton sealing machines.

It is available in neutral (brown, white, clear), coloured, reverse printed up to 10 colours and photographic quality.

The BOPP film hot melt adhesive tape is available in 25μm, 28μm, 32μm and, in its heavy duty version, particularly recommended to close heavy cartons, also in 40μm and 50μm.
It is available in different widths (from 12mm up to 600mm) and in different lengths (up to 1500m).