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  • Excellent graphic quality
  • Excellent glossy effect
  • 10 colours rotogravure printing technology
  • 8 colours HD flexographic printing technology
  • High speed on all labelling machines
  • Wrap around application S-BOPP film Available with pin codes
  • Reverse printing technology: up to 3 colours
  • DPG certification
  • Hot melt unit removal (pre-glued film)
  • Irplast in-house made film
  • MD shrinkable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Thickness (μm) 30-40-50[/su_box]

Self-adhesive heat shrink labels (with roll-fed application), different thicknesses and adhesives formulated ad hoc according to the applications.

The reference markets are those of glass, aluminum, cans and tinplate, PET, HDPE,…

Our collaborative approach with label machine manufacturers ensures both significant optimization of the application process (reduction of line downtime for cleaning and maintenance), reaching the same application speed as a standard label.

This technology also offers great advantages in terms of sustainability, since during the recycling phase it allows to easily separate the label from the bottle.

The use of water-based glue ensures the total absence of vapors and fumes of hot-melt glue and chemicals typically used for cleaning the glue station online.

This innovative technology for the shrinkable market uses a completely eco-friendly material (100% BOPP) unlike the PET sleeve and allows a faster application speed.