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High and low thickness adhesive tapes

Irplast produces high and low thickness adhesive tapes characterized by different features that make them suitable for all types of requirements . As they are manufactured with  resistant supports and free-solvent adhesive coatings, Irplast’s adhesive tapes are perfect for an easy application either manual or with  automated dispensers.

When analyzing the features of high and low thickness adhesive tapes, it is important to take into account the material with which the support is made  and the type of solvent used for the adhesive coating. Using a polyethylene support rather than a polyester one changes the quality of the finished product, making it more suitable for certain applications rather than others.

One of the most appreciated qualities of adhesive tapes is the tear-resistance. This feature influences the endurance of the package once it has been sealed with the tape and the actual tape stretching. Depending on the method with which  the adhesive tape is applied, such as manually or with an automated dispenser, one must consider  the  forces  taking place during the application process and make sure that the tape does not break. Irplast’s adhesive tapes are designed to resist even to the toughest and most repetitive  mechanical stress.

Some adhesive tape films produced by Irplast

The thickness  of the adhesive tape is a very important aspect. There are high thickness adhesive tapes and low thickness ones. The choice of  one or the other depends on the type of  function it should have and in particular, on the mechanical stress the adhesive tape is going to be exposed to during the stretching process the transport and storage of the package.

The table below shows Irplast’s products with the thicknesses available for each product.