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Support, glue and adhesive tape properties

Adhesive tape is widely used  in warehouse packaging and stocking. Each activity needs a specific type of adhesive tape, each one with its own individual properties concerning material, support, glue, thickness and height.

During the packaging process, adhesive tape can have many different functions: In most cases, it is simply used to seal the packages; whilst on other occasions it is used to ensure the integrity and security of the package itself. In the latter case, the adhesive tape does not only have the mechanical function of reinforcing and sealing the package; but it also has  the function of anti- tampering.

Adhesive tapes: various types depending on their support

Adhesive tapes differentiate from one another depending on  the type of  support and the glue used. The choice of the support and adhesive coating used varies according the type of material  it is to be applied to.

If for instance, the adhesive tape is applied manually onto cardboard boxes, it is preferable to use an acrylic and solvent-free adhesive tape. This product on this type of material will guarantee a long lasting sealing effect.

On the other hand, if the adhesive tape is applied using  manual dispensers or automated taping machines the PP HOT MELT is certainly an excellent product. This adhesive tape is a solvent-free product, suitable for application both on cardboard and stretching film. It is characterised by a high level of adhesion, an excellent tack and, once it is applied at room temperature, it can be stocked either at high or low temperatures.

PP HOT MELT guarantees a fluid and linear execution. It is available in beige, white and transparent; but it can also be coloured or reverse printed in up to 10 colours in a  photographic quality.

Thickness and length of adhesive tapes

The high resistance of the adhesive tape to mechanical stress is important to ensure the integrity of the  packages it is applied to. There are adhesive tapes of different thicknesses depending on their final function. The same product can be manufactured in different  thicknesses, maintaining the same support and adhesion characteristics; but offering a better resistance to mechanical stress.

For instance, the PP HOT MELT adhesive tape is available in 25μm, 28μm, 32μm and in a heavy-duty version, 40μm and 50μm, recommended for heavy weight packages.

In addition to the thickness, to choose the right kind of tape it is also necessary to consider the required length. The new tape roll’s diameter varies depending on these two factors: thickness and length. If the tape application is done by automated taping machines, it is necessary to check that  the tape dimensions are suitable  for  the machines in use.