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Tapes for all your needs thanks to polypropylene

Irplast’s commitment in the research and innovation of the polypropylene film and adhesive tape industry has enabled the company to develop its range of products and reveal its excellence in the adhesive tape industry.

To keep up with the increasing research of innovative adhesive tapes, Irplast provides new technologically advanced products of enhanced quality and functionality compared to the classic adhesive tape. Thanks to the possibility of being able to print up to 10 colours in high-resolution, the adhesive tape acquires specific personalized features, making it an outstanding means of communication and traceability tool. The adhesive tape can be supplied with facilitated application features for using on automatic taping machines and also for noiseless manual application dispensers.

In addition to the investments aimed at the optimization of production processes, Irplast researches and develops solutions which are able to improve the quality of work with products, such as:

  • Acrylic water-based solvent-free adhesive tape: characterized by excellent aging conditions and UV-resistance. The low noise version of the acrylic adhesive tape is ideal for a smooth, easy and noiseless unwind. It unwinds with a low noise that is great for manual applications with dispensers.
  • Tape for taping machines: the easy unwind results in a perfect application using automatic taping machines, guarantees a perfect adhesion on cardboard, including recycled cardboard.
  • Pallet adhesive tape: thanks to its particular affinity for plastic films, it guarantees perfect adhesion for pallets wrapped with stretch film.
  • Thicker adhesive tape: the reinforced thickness of the BOPP film ensures perfect adhesion even for heavy duty uses and heavy packaging.
    Ecological Adhesive Tape “Airtape”: A growing orientation towards innovation has led Irplast to overcome all known limitations in the production of tape with bi-oriented polypropylene film.
  • Airtape is the one and only adhesive tape on the market characterized by a thickness of only 19 µm without changing its mechanical properties.
    Its reduced thickness produces significant longer rolls and, consequently, requires reduced storage space and fewer roll changes, maximizing the efficiency of the production process by dispatching a larger amount of tape with the same weight and volume. Airtape is the latest generation adhesive tape that reduces the negative environmental impact and the emission of CO2 during the manufacturing; transport and usage of plastic adhesive tape; thanks to a 30% reduction of raw plastic materials needed for production.
  • POLY+ Tape: It is the efficient and ecological chlorine free alternative to Vinyl (PVC) tapes. In addition to the typical features of Vinyl (PVC), such as the “easy tear” cut and the low noiseairtape_still unwinding, POLY+ Tape offers an enhanced long lasting quality and UV resistance and it can be reverse printed in up to 10 colours.
  • Open-close Tape: Over the year Irplast has managed to develop several plastic and non-plastic removable tapes to meet the demands of the market needs linked to open-close adhesive tapes, which allows to close a sealed package several times after it has been opened while maintaining the integrity and the aroma of a product.
    The use of open-close tape is ideal for a wide range of products including: paper handkerchiefs, coffee packages, pasta packages, biscuits packs, rolling tobacco packaging, and so on.
  • Fingerlift adhesive tape: Irplast has developed and patented a special coating technology which is able to produce fingerlift tape characterized by a free-adhesive zone that enables an easy opening of cardboard boxes and packaging without using blades or knives. The fingerlift tape will eliminate possible damage to the contents while opening the boxes and it is therefore highly recommended for the opening of packages containing fragile goods, such as fluid bags, textile and clothing products, and medicines.
  • Theft-proof security tape Tamper: Tamper is the perfect solution for achieving maximum protection against tampering of high value products. When removing the tape, the text “void/opened” shows up on the surface and it is no longer possible to close it again, clearly showing the tampering of the goods.
  • Closure strip tape: The constant drive for innovation and research has led Irplast to invest in certain production equipment to launch on the market spool tape available in different sizes. Spool tapes are innovative products that meet the demands of different industrial applications, including the tape required for plastic chocolate packaging.
  • Linerless adhesive labels: The tape developed by Irplast to obtain adhesive Print-and-Apply labels ideal for product identification, in comparison with the traditional silicone-coated labels, the Linerless system enables substantial productivity gains and significant waste reduction.